Tonga Dental Health Project

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Summary:Providing ongoing support to maintain good health and dental hygiene for the population of Tonga. Volunteer Dental teams to visit Tonga to provide support.
Challenge:To provide up to date equipment and train local dentists and dental staff in the latest techniques.
Solution:This is a multi-club and multi-District project with a lot of project elements. It received funding from the Disaster Fund. It has a strong DIK/RARE element and a lot of external support with goods and funds. Volunteer Dental teams to visit Tonga to provide support.
Long term impact:Eventually with better facilities and training of local dentists they should be able to become self sufficient.
Sponsored by:Rotary Club of Ballarat West, District 9780
Endorsed by:Rotary Club of Nuku'alofa, District 9920
Other Partners:Partner organisation = Dental Department Tonga Ministry of Health Contact Name = Dr. Sisilia Fusi Fifita ,contact address = Vaiola Hospital, Nuku'alofa, Kingdom of Tonga Contact phone number +676 400423 Email =

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Project number:144 of 2005-06
Manager:Dr David Goldsmith
(H) 03 5341 3451
(M) 0488 688 700
(W) 03 5331 2755
Deputy manager:Dr Phil Roberts
(M) 0487 675 893

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