Maui Bushfire Disaster Relief Fund (RARF)

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Summary:Maui Bushfire Disaster - to provide funds for humanitarian programs to assist the people & communities affected by the catastrophic bushfires in August 2023.
Challenge:The effects of the bushfires within the Maui regions will be far-reaching, impacting the communities for months, possibly years to come.
Solution:Rotary Australia World Community Service (RAWCS) will be working with Rotary Clubs within the regions in providing aid and assistance to the affected communities' and restoring their livelihoods. RAWCS has registered a Rotary Australia Relief Fund project to seek financial assistance from Rotary Clubs, the public and private sector. Donations to the RAWCS Relief Fund are tax deductible.
Long term impact:The aim is to get the impacted regions of Maui back to normality as soon as possible so that they can look after their own communities again.
Sponsored by:RAWCS National

Other details

Project number:9 of 2023-24
Manager:PDG Heather Chong
(M) 0408 604 509
Deputy manager:PP James Wilson
(M) 0422 696 644

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