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Summary:Emergency Response Kits project was established to provide for tax deductable donations to be made in Australia through RAWCS and RAOAF to support the RNZWCS project providing Emergency Response Kits to assist people impacted by natural disasters in developing countries in the Pacific region.
Challenge:Natural Disasters occur all too often in the developing countries in the Pacific Region. This is a way we can immediately respond to help those people impacted.
Solution:Emergency Response Kits are distributed following disasters such as tsunami, earthquakes, cyclones and floods in Oceania and the South Pacific. The kits provide over 60 items to provide emergency shelter packed in a 78-litre container which can be used to treat drinking water.
Long term impact:By providing immediate assistance with Emergency Response Kits we will help that community get back to normality much sooner.
Sponsored by:RAWCS National
Endorsed by:Rotary Club of RNZWCS, District 9920
Other Partners:Rotary New Zealand World Community Service

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Project number:86 of 2019-20
Manager:Dave Pearson
(M) 0428 792 613
Email: deputy.chairman@rawcs.org.au
Deputy manager:PDG Merv Williams
(M) 0439 534 791
Email: national.projects@rawcs.org.au

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