Emergency relief for floods in Timor Leste, backed onto Rotary's Job Creation in Timor-Leste network

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Clean potable water from Rotary Kew water well
Summary:Emergency funds are required to support families in TL already in lockdown with no income or job keeper now inundated by floods. Because we regularly create sustainable jobs for vulnerable youth & unemployed women we have direct links to hundreds of vulnerable people in Timor-Leste. There is an acute need to support Timorese workers whose homes have been devastated by the rivers of mud flowing through everything. We have multiple videos of families bravely clearing mud from their homes. Some illiterate workers and widows having no videos to show of their devastation, we know through word of mouth their homes need urgent repairs. Many families are taking refuge with family members less affected, but there are so many mouths to feed. Rotary has the existing networks to provide instant relief
Challenge:Challenges are great. Many road have disintegrated. Electricity is still down in Taibessi and more. Covid will blossom over the next week, waterborne disease and malaria will become endemic, people are already starving from Covid lockdown and no salary payments. While the local agencies are working tirelessly, the extent of this disaster is so enormous that many people just need to fend for themselves and their families as best they can. We can only help those amongst the Dili community who need it most with the resources that we have. The more generous you can be, the more lives we can save and mouths we can feed. RC Kew has been supporting weavers, Kor Timor, Alola Foundation, Bc soapmakers & many small enterprises now for over 15 yrs. We provide sustained support, and this gives hope.
Solution:We have set up this crowd funding for emergency relief in Timor Leste through the wonderful tax deductible online platform already established through RAWCS. We have already established bank accounts and trusted administration who can account for all moneys spent. They will distribute as requested 97.5%% of funds raised, and send photos of decisions they make. Depending on donation amounts to be shared for such an enormous amount of need, all cash will be spent in Timor providing emergency food, house repairs, and clean water. The beneficiaries will be known to us, and funds shared fairly for basics, food first then if funds continue to be donated, house repairs and clean up costs will be selected on a needs basis with widows, families with children and disabled to come first. Give hope
Long term impact:Hopefully lives will be saved, trust will be reinforced, and any hope that we can provide will bring better mental health where we can provide some impact. After 15 years of sustained friendship and support, we would love your continued friendship on this journey beset with unreal and unjust setbacks. Make a commitment to project 71-2013-14. Thank you. This is just the beginning for you. Support our Fair trade and Gift Shop at 650 High St Kew East. Drop off exceptional goods for us to sell, or to send to Timor through DIK containers. Volunteer with us in our shop to raise more funds for long term impact, pack boxes of donations, donate now! Thank you
Sponsored by:Rotary Club of Kew, District 9800
Endorsed by:Rotary Club of Dili, District 9560
Other Partners:Timor-Leste Ministry of Agriculture & Fisheries; Kor Timor

Other details

Project number:71 of 2013-14
Manager:Jill Forsyth
(H) 0412 171 353
(M) 0412 171 353
Email: jill.forsyth@formax.com.au
Deputy manager:Jennie Gale
(M) 0419 837 225

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 Provides food & 'job keeper' for a fortnight
 Provides food and 'job keeper' for a month
 Help repair damaged homes, supply bedding & basics