Timor Floods (RARF)

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Summary:Raise funds for the flood disaster in Timor-leste and West Timor.
Challenge:Recent flooding has damaged infrastructure and housing. Many people have lost their homes.
Solution:Projects will be established to assist with the repairs and re-building of medical centres, homes and infrastructure.
Long term impact:Quick action in collaboration with the local Rotary Clubs and the Timor-leste and Indonesian Governments will assist in getting life back to normality.
Sponsored by:RAWCS National

Other details

Project number:69 of 2020-21
Manager:PP James Wilson
(M) 0422 696 644
Email: treasurer@rawcs.org.au
Deputy manager:Dave Pearson
(M) 0428 792 613
Email: sugarloaf@sugarloafne.com

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