National Flood Appeal (RARF)

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Summary:National Flood Appeal - To raise funding to provide financial assistance to those affected in all communities in the impacted flood areas.
Challenge:Large number of homes have been flooded and some owners will be needing assistance to clean and refurbish their residences.
Solution:Individuals who are adversely affected and require assistance will be identified and be given funds to help with their recovery. It is our priority to get funds quickly to those who are in need to help them with the clean up and damage caused by the floods.
Long term impact:The aim is to assist those affected to get their lives and businesses back to normal as soon as possible.
Sponsored by:RAWCS National

Other details

Project number:47 of 2021-22
Manager:PDG Adrian Froggatt
(M) 0400 074 342
Deputy manager:PP James Wilson
(M) 0422 696 644