Tonga Volcano Eruption and Tsunami Disaster (RARF)

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Volcano near Tonga
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Summary:Tonga Disaster - to provide funds for humanitarian programs to assist the people in Tonga recover from the volcano and tsunami disaster.
Challenge:The effects of the Volcano and Tsunami on January 15th will be far-reaching, impacting the Tonga Community for months, possibly years to come. Communication remains problematic with international and inter-island call still no possible due to the damage to the undersea cable.
Solution:Rotary Australia World Community Service (RAWCS) will be working with Rotary New Zealand World Community Service (RNZWCS) and Rotary Club of Nuku'alofa (Tonga) in providing aid and assistance to the affected communities' and restoring their livelihoods. RAWCS has registered a Rotary Australia Relief Fund project to seek financial assistance from Rotary Clubs, the public and private sector. Donations to the RAWCS Relief Fund are tax deductible.
Long term impact:The aim is to get Tonga back to normality as soon as possible so that they can look after their own communities again.
Sponsored by:RAWCS National

Other details

Project number:42 of 2021-22
Manager:PDG Adrian Froggatt
(M) 0400 074 342
Deputy manager:PP James Wilson
(M) 0422 696 644