Australian Rotary Districts Drought Appeal (RARF)

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Summary:Help our Farmers suffering in the drought. All donations welcome.
Challenge:Some farmers and small rural businesses are reluctant to put their hand up for assistance even though they might be in need. When farmers can not afford to spend the entire community including small businesses in town suffer.
Solution:Our Rotary Clubs on the ground in local areas working with the local charitable agencies, identify the needy and hand out debit card vouchers to the genuinely drought affected and disadvantaged farmers and small businesses for use at local businesses in their community. This increased spending locally assists the entire community.
Long term impact:Keeping our farmers viable and giving them an ability to survive the lack of rains is in the entire nation's interest.
Sponsored by:RAWCS National

Other details

Project number:42 of 2018-19
Manager:PDG Michael Perkins
(H) 03 6257 1774
(M) 0418 391 932
Deputy manager:PP Mike Whitehouse
(H) 03 6229 4174
(M) 0448 710 882

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