Health, Education and Community Empowerment

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Providing education in rural Uganda
Summary:To support communities acquire confidence and skills to enable them to shape and influence their own community & services, particularly in Health, Education and Women's Empowerment.
Challenge:We are providing education in the rural community of Buwampa in Uganda
Solution:With more classrooms and resources we can provide an improved learning environment for our 478 enrolled students
Long term impact:Education is the greatest solution to eliminate poverty and give people choices
Sponsored by:Rotary Club of Brisbane Water, District 9685
Endorsed by:Rotary Club of NA

Other details

Project number:24 of 2011-12
Manager:Ms Sue O'Neill
(H) 02 4341 8328
(M) 0404 432 690
Email: [email protected]
Deputy manager:Mr Bry O'Neill
(M) 0405 822 580
Email: [email protected]

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