Nepal - Covid 19 Community Relief Fund (RAOAF)

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Distribution of food parcels
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Rotary members food distribution preparation
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Hand wash station
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Helping frontline health care professionals
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Summary:The purpose of this fund is to provide financial assistance to the Rotary Club of Kathmandu for COVID 19 response programs including, but not limited to purchase and distribution of medical PPE - gowns, gloves, N95 Mask, face shield, surgical mask, goggles and surgical caps, Installation of "wash stations" to dispense sanitiser at hospitals and health facilities in coordination with the Ministry of Health, Distribution of food to disadvantaged people, homeless, families who have lost employment and no longer have an income, students, and street children who are at high risk due to lock-down conditions. Provide education and public awareness about the COVID-19 pandemic with Public Service Announcement (PSA), brochures, and social media. Work with other organisations to help where possi
Challenge:Nepal is in the grips of the Covid 19 pandemic with an alarming spread of the coronavirus through the country. Community transmission, social distancing and the level of hygiene are areas of concern. Additionally the large influx of workers returning from other countries compounds the spread of coronavirus across Nepal.
Solution:The community response programs will provide frontline health workers and professionals medical PPE which is vital for there safety. The lock down has impacted severely on the needy resulting in the distribution of food parcels becoming critical for survival. The installation of foot operated wash stations is essential at health facilities in an effort to stem the rate of transmission. Key to flattening the curve is public awareness of the coronavirus and education of practices required to protect against its spread - good hygiene and social distancing
Long term impact:Living in Australia and starting to see the light at the end of the coronavirus restrictions tunnel it is difficult to comprehend the impact of Covid 19 on Nepal. The programs community groups like Kathmandu, Dhulikhel and Panauti Rotary Clubs are implementing will have long lasting benefits in Nepal.
Sponsored by:Rotary Club of Albury, District 9790
Endorsed by:Rotary Club of Kathmandu, District 3292

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Project number:134 of 2019-20
Manager:Mr Peter Elias
(H) 02 6021 6983
(M) 0419 603 024
Deputy manager:Peter Frauenfelder

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 Purchase and distribute food parcels to the needy
 Education and public awareness material to display
 Purchase of medical PPE for frontline health
 Construction and install of hygiene wash station