Mama Wimbi Sewing for Independence and Education, DRC

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Keeping the children in school
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Shirts & electric machines
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Children receiving school equipment
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Mama Wimbi Sewing Team
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Sewing shorts
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Computer instruction
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Mama Wimbi Baskets
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Mama Wimbi Handbag
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Mama Wimbi Bunting
Summary:Mama Wimbi supports sustainable employment solutions in Goma, DRC. These include sewing uniforms and schoolbags, for the poorest children in Congo and buntings and bags for export. We also support education at all levels and promote mastery of technology.
Challenge:The main challenge is that social security is unavailable and employment opportunities are seriously inadequate. Students who are capable of studying cannot, for lack of funds, and cannot contribute much to society without education.
Solution:We tackle lack of employment opportunities by providing training and equipment for self-employment, and tuition fees and educational support for school and university students. Sometimes we assist with temporary housing support for those who would otherwise be homeless whilst working towards sustainable self-sufficiency.
Long term impact:The long term impact of our work is that it offers mothers, mostly widows or abandoned wives, dignified skilled work with which to rent a home, pay school fees and generally care for their own families. This is a rare opportunity in Goma, DRC. The children will not be raised as beggars, and that breaks a terrible cycle of poverty. The children can go to school and learn all the things they need to know, as well as having teachers as role models and mentors and school-friends for support, and the fun of a normal childhood.
Sponsored by:Rotary E-Club of Greater Sydney, District 9685
Endorsed by:Rotary Club of Goma Tiunami, District 9150

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Project number:103 of 2017-18
Manager:Rtn Penny Vos
(M) 0429 170 739
Deputy manager:Rtn Adetola Adewola
(M) 0452 538 600

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 School books and stationery for one child
 Extra tuition for a year for a child in need
 School fees for a primary child for one year
 School fees for a middle-school child for one year